2016-2017 Prize Winners


2016-2017 IRI Prize Winners
For mentor biographies, please see the Mentors page.

Sarah Brown
Researching potential of internet to improve health care experiences for young people.
Mentor: John Silvester
Major: Junior
Major: Human Biology and Society, Entrepreneurship minor

Jeremy Giampaoli
Researching brain-computer interfaces for the control of physical technologies.
Mentor: Roy Doumani
Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Conservation Biology Minor

Michael Ho
Researching virtual reality in the fine arts.
Mentor: Jayathi Murthy
Major: Fine Arts and Design and Media Arts

Ashley Hoffman
Researching how young people can use internet technologies to reconnect and “catch up” with the common popular knowledge and cultures of older generations.
Mentor: Jean-François Blanchette
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science, Art History minor

Ryou Kato
Researching live virtual reality streaming.
Mentor: Leonard Kleinrock
Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering

David Gary Khachatrian
Researching correlation between social media use and depression
Mentor: Safiya Noble
Year: Senior
Major: Bioengineering

Annita Kuo
Researching a new language learning tool that provides visual feedback to language learners using frequency analysis.
Mentor: Johanna Drucker
Year: Senior
Major: Linguistics and Computer Science

Wan Di Liu
Researching affective computing for an online therapy artificial intelligence that analyzes human sentiment.
Mentor: Eric Haseltine
Year: Sophomore
Major: Linguistics and Computer Science

Cheechee Lin
Researching millennial purchasing and browsing behavior in m-commerce.
Mentor: Michael Silton
Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies

Niyati Patel
Researching the Internet of Things and Big Data’s impact on existing public infrastructure, workforce development and civic engagement in Los Angeles.
Mentor: Ellen Levy
Year: Senior
Major: Economics and Human Biology and Society

Shanmukha Srinivas
Researching impact on public health outcomes from internet connected computer labs for squatter community in Maclovio Rojas.
Mentor: Amit Sahai
Year: Senior
Major: Psychobiology, Global Health minor

Kuan (Vic) Hsuan Yeh
Researching neural network and isomorphic techniques to develop keystroke dynamics for purposes of securing personal data online.
Mentor: Venky Harinarayan
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science and Physics