2016-2017 Prize Winners


2016-2017 IRI Prize Winners
For mentor biographies, please see the Mentors page.

Sarah Brown
Researching potential of internet to improve health care experiences for young people.
Mentor: John Silvester
Major: Junior
Major: Human Biology and Society, Entrepreneurship minor

Jeremy Giampaoli
Researching brain-computer interfaces for the control of physical technologies.
Mentor: Roy Doumani
Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Conservation Biology Minor

Michael Ho
Researching virtual reality in the fine arts.
Mentor: Jayathi Murthy
Major: Fine Arts and Design and Media Arts


Ashley Hoffman
Researching filter bubbles
Mentor: Jean-François Blanchette
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science, Art History minor


Ryou Kato
Researching live virtual reality streaming.
Mentor: Leonard Kleinrock
Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering


David Gary Khachatrian
Researching correlation between social media use and depression
Mentor: Safiya Noble
Year: Senior
Major: Bioengineering


Annita Kuo
Researching a new language learning tool that provides visual feedback to language learners using frequency analysis.
Mentor: Johanna Drucker
Year: Senior
Major: Linguistics and Computer Science

Wan Di Liu
Researching affective computing for an online therapy artificial intelligence that analyzes human sentiment.
Mentor: Eric Haseltine
Year: Sophomore
Major: Linguistics and Computer Science

Cheechee Lin
Researching millennial purchasing and browsing behavior in m-commerce.
Mentor: Michael Silton
Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies

Niyati Patel
Researching the Internet of Things and Big Data’s impact on existing public infrastructure, workforce development and civic engagement in Los Angeles.
Mentor: Ellen Levy
Year: Senior
Major: Economics and Human Biology and Society

Shanmukha Srinivas
Researching impact on public health outcomes from internet connected computer labs for squatter community in Maclovio Rojas.
Mentor: Amit Sahai
Year: Senior
Major: Psychobiology, Global Health minor

Kuan (Vic) Hsuan Yeh
Researching neural network and isomorphic techniques to develop keystroke dynamics for purposes of securing personal data online.
Mentor: Venky Harinarayan
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science and Physics