Get $7500 to support your research idea!  The IRI program provides UCLA undergraduates with funding to pursue the research ideas that they are passionate about!

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Application Deadline is now extended to May 2.

The IRI program accepts applications on an annual basis.  The 2022/2023 IRI program will be open for applications early in 2022. 

Here are general instructions on IRI applications.  More specific instructions will be added when the next annual IRI application deadline has been announced.

Your application should articulate your commitment toward a well-described research project that addresses some aspect of technology development, social trends or problems, art and design, ethics, and/or justice, as it contributes to the advancement of the future Internet.

After reading our FAQ and the IRI Mission Statement, please review and prepare answers for the questions listed below. When you are ready to apply, please submit your responses through our online application form. If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at

A professional or academic reference letter is not required. However, if you would like to submit one from someone who can speak to your ability to meet goals and deadlines, to work well with others, or some related capacity, it can be submitted in the application form. The application questions are below, annotated for your convenience.

Application Questions:

1. Give a short descriptive title for your project. (10 words or less)

Note: This title can and probably will change later, but for now, give us something that helps us remember your project proposal.

2. Write a 200 word abstract describing the project you are proposing:

Address the following questions in your abstract:

  • What is the problem or issue you are investigating and why?
  • How will your project address that problem or issue?
  • What is your proposed project?
  • Why is your project is unique?
  • What will be the benefit of your work?

    . Describe in more detail why you think your project is important.

4. Detail the benefits of your work.

  • Who will benefit?
  • What are the social implications of the work?
  • What are the technical implications of the work?

5. Outline your approach, and highlight what is different or special about it.

6. Articulate why your project is unique.

  • Has anyone else attempted this?
  • If so, why is your work unique?
  • If not, why?

    . How does your prior life, academic, or work experiences inform your approach or topic of research?

Note: You might find it helpful to frame your answer in response to the IRI Research Mission Statement.

. Have you done anything in the past that would suggest you possess the qualities necessary to pull this off? What challenges or barriers have you overcome to meet your goals?

Note: You can use the $7,500 prize money for anything from research to living expenses. However, you may encounter certain restrictions on the use of funds from the IRI Prize, primarily that you must be enrolled full time each quarter for the full academic year to receive the prize. Please refer to our FAQ for information about the prize money and the disbursement of funds through UCLA Financial Aid office.

9. How will this prize impact your ability to complete your proposed project?

Note: Prize recipients will participate in monthly meetings throughout the prize year, including a kick-off event at the beginning of Fall quarter and a final showcase of research work at the end of Spring quarter. In addition, students will submit short monthly updates on their progress.

Applicants to IRI should structure their proposed project in three distinct parts, culminating in a “milestone” at the end of each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). Prizewinners will present their deliverable at the end of the academic year to showcase the work they have done. This deliverable will also be featured on our website in upcoming years.

10. What three milestones can you plan for that will demonstrate that you are on target throughout the year?

11. Detail your expected Milestone 1.

12. Detail your expected Milestone 2.

13. Keeping in mind that it could change, what do you envision your Milestone 3/final deliverable to be?

14. How will you measure your success towards these milestones?

15.  Identify (a) current mentor(s) you’d like to work with. How do you think that (those) mentor(s) in particular could help you with your project?

By participating, applicants warrant that the research, through its creation and its submission as an entry, does not infringe upon or violate intellectual property rights held by any third person or party;

If selected, each applicant grants IRI permission to use his/her name, image, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law.

When you have prepared your answers, they must be submitted via the Online Application Form